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Our Management Team

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Ken Deocharran

Customer Service, Trucking Operations, Quality Control, Recruitment Leadership, Business Strategy, Supply Chain Management, Freight Forwarding, Business Planning, Strategic Logistic Planning & Finance

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Kevin Ramroop
Chief Financial Officer

Finance & Accounting, System Design & Development, Business Strategy, Information Technology & Fleet Management.

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Kamaria Crawford
Chief Process Officer

Customer Service, Quality Control, Training, Team Management, Client Relations, Operations Management and Recruitment (+12 years).

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Mackaise Duncan
Business Development

Customer Service, Training, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Executive Support, Operations Management, Safety & Compliance, New Business (+12 years)

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Thacoor Ramcharitar
Finance Controller

Financial Management, Budgets, Financial Reporting, Analytics

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Michelle Aquino Ghani
Operations Director

Customer Service, Training, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Operations Management, Team Management, New Business Development (+14 years)