Our Services

Express International provides a comprehensive range of services aimed at optimizing business processes ensuring positive outcomes for your organization

Customer Service

Being one of the most crucial part of any business, Express International built its team from a pool of the best in the local customer service industry. Therefore, your product and/or services are backed by a wealth of experience providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer's requirements are met

Data Entry

Finding the right team to input, maintain and retrieve data using computer systems and ensuring that information is collated and stored in an accurate and efficient manner isn’t always easy. Express international can train and provide right workforce to get the job done. Accuracy is the prime skillset.


Weather Monitoring

Monitors weather related activities at the macro level across the united states, particularly those that can impact the transportation lanes of our clients. Create geofences as needed on high severity weather affected areas to alert drivers so that they can take safety cautionary measures, communicate with drivers any instance of non-compliance, and escalate if necessary, with the aim of reducing any instance of unsafe driving practice.

Operations/General Managers

Operations managers are responsible for the smooth operation of trucking centers, which are buildings where freight is loaded or unloaded. They coordinate, direct, and supervise all activities in the terminals

Sales Managers

The Sales Manager identifies and grows sales of transportation services with new and existing customers. In addition to creating and maintaining action plan for the growth of the customer database.

Service Brochure

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Driver Management

Will provide primary leadership to drivers inclusive of coaching, counseling and mentoring. Supervises, motivates and directs work of drivers to maximize productivity and provide safe, on time delivery to our valued customer base while balancing the driver's miles, home time and performance. Ensure all work is performed according to company approved procedures, standards and specifications. Maximize productivity and utilization of assigned fleet of equipment and employee over the road (OTR) professional drivers through communication and proactive steps with maintenance, planning, safety and customer service departments. Will incorporate the company’s key performance indicators and the ability to meet and/or exceed targeted goals.

Monitor and manage the driver’s time for efficiency, ensuring that customer expectations are met for pickup and delivery, DOT Hours of Service regulations are followed, and any delays are communicated to the customer. Ensure safety compliance at all times, providing driver training when needed, and participating in Safety Campaigns. Document driver disciplinary issues and refer for discipline when appropriate

Track and Trace

With the constant improvements in technology, customers are of the highest expectations when selecting a company to move a product, service or to travel. Our Track and Trace solutions includes software and identification technologies that are both reliable and effective in ensuring the efficient delivery of materials and components to you and to your customers. Having the information readily available upon request will add value to service provided even after the product is delivered on time


Communicate with customers to record details about shipments, arrange pick up times and discuss any special handling issues. Additionally, reviewing drivers’ logs and maintaining various records, such as those pertaining to dispatched calls, vehicle repair, freight bills, and arrival times

Fleet Managers

The Fleet Manager manages asset utilization and drivers to ensure quality customer service and fleet profitability, among other duties